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Saturday, June 12, 2010

tale of a cyclist on Horizon Drive

Just a good citizen taking one more car off the road by bike commuting to work. And whaddya know?! She's cruising along, headed southwest on Horizon Drive, in what many of those who bike commute to that area generously call a "bike lane", which is rather more like a gravelly shoulder. And Blam! Some nutzo lady decides to take a left turn into the parking lot of Bubb's Field where she undoubtedly had just minutes to spare before the 1/2 price wings and penny pitchers of luscious watered down light beer special was about to run out. And she hits our young protagonist, a direct/side-swipe-style hit, who most definitely had the R.O.W. While she and her bicycle both lie on the hood of the driver's ed poster child's expensive and shiny new SUV, she does a scan to make sure she is okay. She is pretty sure she is and she collects herself and her bike and gets out of the middle of the road and heads into the parking lot. Driver lady pulls in, parks her car, gets out, and gets into cyclist's face, blaring, "You didn't stop!" WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!!
Well, this is why we ride. To help to illustrate to those unfamiliar w/ cycling or physical activity or respecting those on bikes (be it commuters or recreational riders) or sharing the road at all ---- how they can learn to do so. And we do it in a group in order to support each other and to bring recognition to the cause by our sheer numbers. The movement is growing. Don't miss out! You are needed to help make progress on this, especially here in the Grand Valley. Especially for the Horizon Survivor who lived to tell about this.
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Here's to spokes, gears, and pedal power!

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