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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Total Eclipse of the JUNKRIDE!

Total Eclipse of the Junk Ride

The JunkRide is starting up again this month! With this spring weather it's time to get back on our bikes; grab a friend and your family and head on out to join us! Meet at the Community Garden on 10th & Main this Thursday, April 25th at 6:00pm (don’t forget your helmet!) to watch the FULL MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE that night with GVB board member Peter Hart. The ride will finish at our local Bin 707.

See you all out there!

~ Your free wheelin' pals at the JUNKRIDE


please advise if you would like to be removed from the Junk Ride email list. thank you.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March Junk Ride

In like a lion out like a lamb....come celebrate St.Patricks Day, the equinox, and warm spring sunshine with the first 2012 Junk Ride! The Junk Ride gathers on the last Thursday of every month at 6pm at 1006 Main Street next to the Main Street Community Garden. March's theme will be Spring! After a cruiser ride around town we'll end at Pablos for pizza and drinks.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Junk Ride - Thurs. 10/27 *6pm*

Halloween Junk Ride - Thurs. 10/27
meet at 10th & Main at 6pm
costumes encouraged even more than usual for the Halloween Ride!
We will ride for just under and hour and will end the ride at Kannah Creek Brewery.
It's gettin' dark early these days, so bring lots of lights, head lamps, etc. Especially for getting home after the bar!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nobody said it was easy to get your kids to school on their bikes!

TOMORROW is Bike/Walk to School Day!!

Praise for the parents making an effort to get to school by bike or on foot! Because it is not an easy task!

Chris Brown's commentary on getting his kids to school by bike:
I have been riding my kids to middle school by bike everyday since it started (except for 1 rain day- don't tell anyone- shhhh.....).
They have been using different kinds of bikes to keep it interesting and to promote the idea to other parents.

They are learing a lot of things:

- My kids have no idea where their school is- or how to get home.

- Sometimes while riding, they just fall over.

- Sometimes they roll right into traffic.

- They don't teach the difference between right and left in the schools since the secular humanismist hijacked the education system. Yelling at your kid to "turn right" can have interesting consequences.

- All kids are required to carry large band instruments home everynight- You can't ride to school unless you have a trailer.

- Backpacks and lunches are huge and require racks and baskets on the bikes.

- No you can't hang the backpacks and lunches over the handle-bars and ride in a straight line.

- Buy your kids a combo lock not a key lock. Keys are too easy to lose. If you loose your mind..... that's another thing. (Always carry a large cable cutter in your sock.)

- Nobody else rides to school, so we are the weirdos.

- There are a lot of rules around the school yard about bikes that don't make any sense.

- Parents are fair game for getting yelled at by teachers for riding on side walks.
Teach your kid to pull into curb cuts at 90 degees or you'll have to buy your kid a new coat.

- Don't show your wife this list, you will never be allowed to ride them to school again.

- Make sure you leave 4 hours earlier then you need to - it still won't be enough time.

- Don't store your helmets where the cats can pee in them.

- The nightmares about your kids getting 'doored' will eventually disipate once you meet the kids at school that they hang out with.

- Even though the idea of getting all the neighborhood kids together to ride to school is beautiful, romantic, and communal..... it will make you want to burn your "It takes a Village" book by H. Clinton. - The only people that believe "it takes a village" are super interested in you raising their kids so they can sleep in. - I don't want to live in that village.

- Spend the $3 bucks to buy one of those things that goes on you ankles so your pants don't get ripped to shreds. - Then buy like 100 of them.

- Make sure you have some gas in your car so you can go pick up the bike from the school at 9:30 pm when you discover your kid rode the bus home with Eddie Haskel today. If you wait until it's dark, you can still claim to be living the dream to all the other bed-head dads that you see at the drop off-curb.

- If you leave town for a business trip.... nobody else in the world can do your commuting job. You may as well take them to Las Vegas with you.

- When your kids tell you they want to try riding their bikes by themselves to see if they can do it.....and you are so proud that they are growing up and buying into your green philosophies.... they are tricking you in some way...... maybe ride to a friends house to play video games before school starts and then jumping in a car at the last minute. Don't be deceived- they are born evil.

I'm pretty close to over-coming all of these issues and it only took two weeks. I'm not going to sugar coat it -they might call it parenting. I have no doubt that the kids in our family that survive will have very fond memories of these days, someday.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Bike to School Day ++ GVB's Bike-In Movie ++

This Wednesday, October 5th is Bike/Walk to School Day! Spread the word to teachers, parents, & neighbors! Please help the kiddos in your life get to school on their own fuel! For those not walking/biking --- PLEASE BE EXTRA CAUTIOUS ON THE ROADS THAT DAY! This is for all of our children's health & safety!

We have received Proclamations from the City & the County proclaiming October 5th as Bike & Walk to School Day!

GVB Bike-in Movie!

When: Thursday, October 13th, 6:30pm

Where: Hot Tomato's Back Yard, 124 N. Mulberry St, Fruita

Why: Ride your bikes to learn more about what GVB does to make the Valley a safer and more fun place to ride; while you're at it eat some great pizza, enjoy a movie and meet new friends.

Details: We will be re-screening Portland's "Filmed by Bike" Shorts, a movie for all ages. Door prizes and silent auction! Bike ride to Fruita will leave 10th and Main in Grand Junction at 5pm. A shuttle back to GJ will be provided after the event, RSVP required. Please RSVP to For those interested in helping to shuttle for the event, please contact: For more information:

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

URGENT! Email your U.S. Senators today to preserve bike funding

We have just learned of this potential devastating bill, which could effect bicycle transportation, and saftey in the Grand Valley, Colorado, and accross the United States. Click here and take action!

Federal funding for bicycling is under serious attack. Today or tomorrow, Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma will introduce an amendment to eliminate dedicated funding for Transportation Enhancements, which is the main source of funding for bike projects of all types. We need you to take action today by emailing your U.S. Senators to urge them to oppose and defeat Mr. Coburn's amendment.

If Senator Coburn's amendment succeeds, bicycling in the U.S. will become less safe and more difficult. Twenty years of consistent, cost-effective investment in beneficial bike projects will stop.

After you take action take a minute and check out People for Bikes, join their list, and help their cause. Be sure to send this email to other interested folks.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Sept. Junk Ride + Walk & BIKE to School Day - Oct. 5th

September's Junk Ride will be 9/29/11. 6pm departure for Corn Lake! BYOB for a quick gathering there before returning to downtown GJ.

Begin to spread the word now to teachers, parents, neighbors that Wed., Oct. 5th is Walk/Bike to School Day! Save the date and be sure to help the kiddos in your life get to school on their own fuel!