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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

City & County Proclamation + FREE BREAKFAST on Bike to Work Day! Wed., June 23rd

Please see the poster below for Bike to Work Day info. A FREE BREAKFAST will be served by the fountain at City Hall at 5th & Rood on Wed., June 23rd from 6:30-9:30am to all those biking to work on Bike to Work Day. Must have bike and helmet to receive free breakfast. Our thanks to the generous donations from local downtown businesses for helping to make this event happen.

The Junk Ride and Urban Trails Committee accepted this Proclamation yesterday morning on behalf of Grand Valley Bikes, the Bike to Work Day committee and the City and County from our County Commissioners:

We accepted this Proclamation from Mayor Teresa Coons and the City Council yesterday evening:

We hope that you will share in our sentiments that this support from the City & County can help propel us toward our goals in a most rapid fashion. And we hope that we can all continue to work together towards these goals and build upon this momentum here in June, Colorado Bike Month in order to carry us forward through 2010 and more quickly toward our long term aspirations. Our groups are working hard to establish safe bike routes throughout the valley for both commuting and recreational activities. Our goals consist of, but are not limited to, promoting alternative transportation, securing fun ways of recreating, creating safe conditions for cyclists, and reducing traffic congestion in the Grand Valley. Learn more about each of our sister organizations here:
Urban Trails Committee

Please join us for this upcoming Bike to Work Day celebration. And please do not hesitate to contact the Junk Ride directly at if you wish to get more involved in this timely and important movement.

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