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Monday, March 28, 2011

<< 1st of Spring JUNK RIDE >>

1st of Spring JUNK RIDE

Meet up at 10th & Main at 7pm for our monthly community cruiser ride around town.

7pm, Thursday, March 31st

This month our ride returns to the 7 o'clock hour with the light sticking around later into the evening. Come out and celebrate the dawning of spring with us on your bike! The JUNK RIDE is the Grand Valley's longest continually running monthly critical mass-like bike ride. We are approaching our 2nd birthday this May (stay tuned to for 2nd Bday Party details!) Decorated bikes, decorated persons, noise makers, bells, horns, music, laughter, lights, helmets, reflectors, etc. are all highly encouraged! Please join us! Please spread the word!

When wheels turn, it must be a REVOLUTION!

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  1. Hey I really liked that hill climb and descent through the parking garage. And, it was an unexpected treat to find $2 draft pints of craft beer at Old Chicago.