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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

GVB Happy Hour Meeting TONIGHT + Jingle Bell Junk Ride Friday + Tomatoes on Parade Saturday!

Good Tidings Junk Riders:

Busy busy biking week --- especially for December! When it rains it pours.Yet we don't even have rain today (or snow for that matter) here even though it is in the forecast. Hence, we have no excuse not to be out biking...although a 2" near miss with the front bumper of a clueless Taurus driver last night on my way home from yoga sure makes me want to have an excuse not to be out biking...This was clearly a woman who had never used pedal power to get herself around town before, if you know what I mean...I suppose that her excuse may have been that she couldn't see me --- from my perspective: how could she possibly have missed me: a WELL-LIT bike with *twinkle lights* and all! HELLO!!!!! Time for a super powered headlight and a neon vest (and don't forget the HELMETS! -- which I am proud to say I was wearing.) She must have been in a real rush to go buy stockingstuffers...Anyway, this is not the first of such occurrences reported in recent weeks around the valley from dedicated bike commuters. I'm not taking any chances. If the spotlight doesn't ward off bad driving, then I can at least use it to interrogate them when they nearly hit me.

On a much more positive note, what goes up must come down. It was as though the ghost of Christmas past was making amends because just a half a block away from where the incident occurred last night, 3 different vehicles stopped and yielded to me this morning, and it was in intersection where I had a stop sign and was ready and willing to wait for traffic to clear. It seems that every time I am ready to throw in the towel, some kind soul gives me a reason to keep on going.

Now, down to more business of the forward momentum variety >>>

You may already have received some of the event info. below directly from Grand Valley Bikes or the Junk Ride. Allow this to serve as a reminder. Please tune in to the very bottom for breaking news from the Hot Tomato! As for excuses, if you can't make it to one of this week's biking events, you have two more from which to choose.

Grand Valley Bikes Holiday Happy Hour on Wednesday, December 15th
Please join us at Kannah Creek Brewery from 5-7pm on Wednesday, December 15th, at the back of the dining room. We’ll toast the good work we accomplished in 2010, and recap what GVB has been up to. Right now we need your help as there are great opportunities to get involved in shaping safe and accessible biking in Mesa County for the next 25 years. As I’m sure you’ve heard, the county is accepting comments on their 2035 transportation plan. This plan is aimed at prioritizing motorized and non-motorized projects for 2011-2035.

Please click here to make a comment today, and stop by our meeting to learn more about how you can help in 2010, 2011, and beyond.

For more about Grand Valley Bikes, visit our webpage
Have a Happy Holidays! -- GVB

Friday night -- Local Music and Bicycles with the Junk Ride and Eagles on Highway

Here's the info for the special Friday night Junk ride:

Friday, December 17th
Meet up at 10th & Main at 6pm We will tour around town to see Christmas lights (please submit if you know of a particularly stunning block so that we can incorporate it into our route)
While decked out in our own Christmas lights and elfin, Santa, or reindeer gear
With lots of lights for lighting our way
Most importantly ------- HELMETS! Wear 'em. Perhaps because it is cold out, drivers are seeming even less aware than usual. So let's be vigilant about protecting our noggins. We don't want any mangled cranium waiting expectantly underneath the mistletoe this year.

Our ride will end up at Coffee Muggers around 7:15pm for some seasonally spiced up hot cocoa, coffee, or tea to listen to Eagles on Highway perform with supporting mandolin from Misti Dawn.

Want more local music and bicycles? Check out North 17th Street Band

If you haven't already, please check out the Grand Valley's own North 17th Street Band! Their CD "Dirt on the Tires" features a great great song about bikes-- "Bicycle". Check it out here.

Fruita Biking Related Happenings

I wanted to let you all know that the Fruita Holiday Parade is Saturday, the 18th. All of us from the Hot Tomato will be participating, on bikes, dressed as tomatoes of course. We will meet at the HT at 4:30, parade is at 5 and we will return to the HT afterwards for $3 New Belgium drafts for those who participate. See the link below for more info.

We are also having a Winter Solstice Ugly Sweater Party on the 21st from 5-9pm. We will also be having a Frambozen Tapping Party that evening as well, as we we're able to get the only keg of Frambozen that left the NB Brewery. It will go fast no doubt as we will have globe glasses available with your first beer for $6 and $3 refills all night...again links below.

We will be closed from Dec.24th-Jan 4th. Hope you all had a Great year and Thanks for making our better than ever!

Cheers and Happy Holidays


Save the Tomato
Jen Zeuner
Hot Tomato Cafe
124 N Mulberry
Fruita, CO 81521

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  1. After reading the first part of this article. I just wanted to point out that the most effective, time tested safety device this time of year is a glowing Red nose.