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Monday, July 12, 2010


Mark it down in ye old calendars Junk Riders! Our ride this month will be at 7pm on Thurs., July 29th.

Get workin' on your costumes and bike decor NOW! The theme is:

We will be keepin' it more local than last month's ride to neighboring, bucolic Fruita. And we will wind up at a downtown GJ establishment for post-ride conversation and nourishment.


  1. Hey There!
    The trip to Fruita was a ton of fun, and I'll try my best to be there! However, other conditions may conspire to keep me away: a week ago while riding on J Road I crashed hard (!) and wound up in the ER. If my aged and busted up body cooperates I'll be on the ride, if not here's wishing a wonderful time for everyone!

    John Hodge

  2. It's Matt's and my anniversary today, so I think we'll miss this month's ride... Looking forward to August though!